A Welcome to Fall Roundup!

2015 has been a busy year for the Freshman Fifteens!

We have twelve books in the marketplace. Our Victoria Aveyard has debuted at number 1 on the New York Times best-seller list (and stayed on it for MONTHS!), our authors Stacey Lee, Kelly Loy Gilbert, Jen Brooks, Lori Goldstein, Jenn Marie Thorne, Jenny Martin, Jasmine Warga, Virginia Boecker, Chandler Baker, and Lee Kelly have spent the year promoting their releases, attending festivals, bookstore signings, literary conferences, and more–in addition to writing and revising second and third books. Oh, and Chandler and Lee welcomed new little babies (not the book kind) into their worlds!


Our Kim Liggett’s BLOOD AND SALT released on September 22 and celebrated with a run through a corn maze (naturally). Lori and Virginia represented the FFers!

corn maze

Throughout the year, our members have teamed up to fulfill our mission of giving back to teen readers and writers in many ways. From one-on-one mentoring in person and online, to leading writing workshops at festivals and libraries, to speaking with students at schools.

Some of the highlights include:

Lori and Jen B. leading writing workshops for middle school and high school-age writers at the Fall for the Book festival in Fairfax, VA, in October in addition to two DC-area school visits.

Chandler and Jenn Marie speaking with Chandler’s high school alma mater about the writing process in Florida in October.

Stacey, Jen B., and Virginia presenting a session on integrating YA novels into the classroom at the International Literacy Conference in St. Louis in July.

Lori, Jen B., and Lee leading writing workshops for teens at multiple locations in northern NJ and Massachusetts in May 2015.

Jenny presenting a class on voice for teen writers at YAK Fest 2015 in January 2015.

And too many more to list! The Freshman Fifteeners are continuing their mission to encourage teens to write throughout the year and into next. Lori and Charlotte will be leading a writing workshop at the Pasadena Public Library on Nov. 4, 2015, and Lori and Jen B. will be leading a workshop at the Teen Bookfest by the Bay in Corpus Christi, TX, on February 20, 2016.

for the record

Next up is the release of FOR THE RECORD for Charlotte Huang on November 10.

And 2016 sees the release of our 15ers turn 16ers Kim Savage and Laura Tims!

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