Huge Announcement: Winners of our Wattpad Teen Mentoring Contest!

Even before we Freshman Fifteens signed our book contracts and officially entered the KidLit writing world, we were floored by the generosity of this terrific community. We’ve each been helped beyond words by our agents, editors, fellow authors (published and not-yet-published), and each other. It’s made this crazy (and stressful!) journey a much more enjoyable ride. As a group, we wanted to work together on a project that would allow us to pay it forward and help the next generation of authors.

And so on June 26, we kicked off our COMMON ROOM short story teen mentoring contest. We were extremely lucky to find a terrific partner in this contest to mentor teen writers: the 25-million-plus online community of Wattpad.

Common Room CoverIn the contest, the winning teen writers experience the process of having a book published, from the “query” stage where they pitch us their short story idea, to getting their “deal” when a Freshman Fifteens author selects them as their mentee, to working with their author as they would a book editor, going through two rounds of revisions, through the copy edit stage, cover reveal, release date, and—finally!—book launch.

The finished collection of fictional short stories will be published as an anthology, titled COMMON ROOM, on Wattpad, debuting in January 2015. Winners will also receive signed books, swag, and more.

For the past month, our Freshman Fifteens have been reading the entries, and we’re astounded by the talent. The short story pitches submitted to us were so incredibly engaging and the writing so universally strong and vivid that it made choosing our final 15 an extremely difficult challenge. (Check out the entries here.)

Before we announce the winners, we want to congratulate each writer who submitted to us. It is a very brave thing to put your work forward for reading and critique. You should be proud of yourself for entering and, more than that, know how hard you—with your talent—made this decision for us. Please continue writing. Keep entering contests, keep honing your craft, and keep reading to learn and improve. That’s what we all did—and still do.

And now, here are the winners and their Freshman Fifteen mentors!

Rachel W., Wattpad username Chandelier, writer of SOULLESS, to be mentored by contest organizer Lori Goldstein

GracieWacie, Wattpad username Graciewacie73, writer of LOCKED OUT, to be co-mentored by contest organizer Lori Goldstein and Virginia Boecker

Anne Lutz, Wattpad user name AnneLutz, writer of VIOLET, to be mentored by contest coorganizer Jen Brooks

Make Me Swoon, Wattpad username MakeMeSwoon, writer of MIXED MESSAGES, to be mentored by contest co-organizer Jen Brooks

Arminius, Wattpad username Arminius, writer of POISONED PEAR, to be mentored by Chandler Baker

Antara, Wattpad username _coralsky_, writer of MARRIED TREE, to be mentored by Kelly Loy Gilbert

Julia, Wattpad username ceilingflower, writer of ATTACHMENT, to be mentored by Charlotte Huang

Aisha, Wattpad username, Metaphorphosis, writer of IMAGINE, to be mentored by Lee Kelly

Anne Brees, Wattpad username AnneBrees, writer of HONESTLY, to be mentored by Stacey Lee

Christina, Wattpad username wordshipwrecks, writer of DESTINATA, to be mentored by Kim Liggett

Ashley, Wattpad username AshJellison, writer of LEAVE THE LIGHT ON, to be mentored by Jenny Martin

Katie Spektor, Wattpad user name KatieSpektor, writer of VOICES IN MY HEAD, to be mentored by Kim Savage

Coralie, Wattpad username terryco, author of BABYSITTING GRANDMA, to be mentored by Jenn Marie Thorne

Britton, Wattpad user name CutieFlutie, writer of A THOUSAND STARS, to be mentored by Laura Tims

Shelly, Wattpad user name shellyzev, writer of LIBRARY OF OLD GHOST, to be mentored by Jasmine Warga


We will be working with our writers throughout Fall 2014 to revise their stories in anticipation of their January 2015 debut in the COMMON ROOM anthology.

Be sure to follow the Freshman Fifteens on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or right here on our blog to find out more about the winners in the coming months and to read their stories in the COMMON ROOM anthology!

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