Meet Our Freshman: Laura Tims

Freshman Fifteens author Victoria Aveyard  chatted with fellow Freshman Laura Tims to find out more about her forthcoming debut, Please Don’t Tell (HarperCollins, Winter 2016).

Joy discovers the reason why her twin sister won’t leave the house. His name is Adam Gordon.

Everyone thinks Adam’s death was an accident. Only Joy knows that it’s her fault.

Guilt is eating Joy alive, her sister’s still not okay, and one day she gets a note:

“I know you killed Adam Gordon. Unless you do what I want, so will everyone else.” –Red

How did you first come up with the idea for PLEASE DON’T TELL?

It was when the Steubenville rape case was circulating in the media, and like a lot of people, it brought up feelings of rage and helplessness. I saw a lot of online comments from people with dark fantasies of killing someone who’d raped them or their friends. In many ways I think that kind of anger is unavoidable, and even a natural part of healing, but I wondered what would happen if someone actually went through with it – and what the emotional consequences would be.

You wrote and sold your first novel at a very young age (congrats!). What are the pros and cons of exploding out of the gate so early? How did you balance college and and a career?

It was less of a balancing act and more of a swapping act. One month my writing would suffer, one month my grades would. I had some very understanding professions. As far as pros and cons go, I’d say it’s tricky feeling like you have to solidify and build your brand when you’re still taking huge leaps of growth as a writer. Pros…I’m not sure! I imagine it’s just as exciting at any age!

What do you feel is your strongest suit, writing-wise? Weakest?

That’s always such a difficult question to answer! Since my instinctive answer veers toward dramatically deciding I’m a failure at everything, I’ll think about what I enjoy most. I really love getting into the nitty-gritty of character, all the dark stuff that rarely gets to see light.

You’re a bit of a world traveler. Favorite vacation/place to visit?

I visited Tibet on a study abroad trip about a year and a half ago, and it was one of the most incredible places I’ve ever seen. I also spent part of the spring in Japan, and ate my weight in sushi!

You’ve got another book coming out in 2017, THE BEST THING ABOUT PAIN. How was the journey to Book 2?

Mostly it’s just a lot of fun seeing how much you’ve grown between books, and putting that new experience into your writing. And there’s nothing more exciting than getting to know a new set of characters.

What’s up next for you?

Not sure! I’m working on a couple things here and there. I love Middle Grade literature as well as YA, and I’m hoping to try my hand at that.

1501817_10151891721342759_2084006540_nLaura is a YA author, blogger, college student, and former literary agency intern. Her goal is to someday be able to cook things that are delicious and not lethal. She lives in San Diego with her cat, who is smarter than her. Laura’s favorite word is crepuscular. Her least favorite word is feisty.

Laura is represented by the amazing part-unicorn, part fairy-godmother Sarah Davies at the Greenhouse Literary Agency. You can find Laura online:

Website | Twitter | Goodreads


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