Our Mission

The Freshman Fifteens have a confession: we love books. Okay, so maybe that’s not a shocker. We also love talking about books. Hmm…no surprise there, either.

Though our paths to becoming authors differ, one common thread is that as children and young adults, someone was there to nurture our love of reading and writing. And we want to do the same for the next generation of readers and writers. Our goal is to foster Freshman Voices.

Members of the Freshman Fifteens will be teaching classes, holding workshops, offering critiques, running local book clubs, and more all for teens. We will be sharing our activities on our blog and keeping a running log on this page of our Web site.


What Are We Doing? Our Current Project: Freshman in the Stacks!

Freshmen in the Stacks: Adopt-a-Library Project!

We’re donating books, swag, Skype visits and more to fifteen high school and public libraries. Are you a YA librarian? Apply here by April 24th, 2015! 


What Have We Done?

Teen Writing Contest!

In 2014, we ran a special contest to support teen writers. We partnered with the great online community of Wattpad to mentor teen short story writers and help them publish their work in an anthology, which debuted on January 27, 2015, making them our fellow 2015 debuts! Please support these new talents by reading their short stories on Wattpad and be sure to leave them a comment or a vote to let them know you liked their hard work!


What Do We Have Planned?

Book Tour and Writing Workshops!

In 2015, we plan to incorporate small-group writing workshops on regional Freshman Fifteens book tours. If there’s a location you’d love us to swing by or a topic you’d love us to present, let us know in the comments section or email us.


How Can You Help?

This mission to foster Freshman Voices won’t work without you. Are you a parent, teacher, or librarian? Is there something you’d love to see us do locally or online? Are you a teen who loves to read and write as much as we do? What would help you most to develop your skill?

Comment below or send us an email!

To find out more about us and our books, check out Who We Are, and follow us on Twitter or  Facebook.


Follow these links to see what our Freshman Fifteens authors are doing to support teen writers and readers!


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